Introducing Our Innovative Hair System

Your Confidence Restored

At HAIR REVISITED, we are delighted to introduce our groundbreaking hair systems, tailored specifically for women facing the challenges of hair loss. Our revolutionary approach focuses on seamlessly integrating real human hair into an ultra-thin layer of artificial skin. This artificial skin is expertly bonded to your scalp, offering a swift, painless, and non-surgical process that typically takes less than two hours to complete.

What sets our hair systems apart is its commitment to enhancing your lifestyle, without requiring you to make any alterations. It seamlessly adapts to your daily routines, whether you’re in the shower, hitting the gym, enjoying the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at home. Our hair system becomes an integral part of you—it becomes your hair.


The Remarkable Skin

Central to all our hair systems are the remarkable artificial skins,, a feature that distinguishes our solution for women. This bioengineered skin is meticulously designed to replicate the top layer of human skin, known as the epidermis. Remarkably, it boasts an incredibly thin profile, mirroring the elasticity and breathability of your natural epidermis. This ensures that the system breathes and adapts alongside you, providing unparalleled comfort and freedom from discomfort. No more concerns about overheating or itchiness—you won’t even notice it’s there.

Another exceptional aspect of this artificial skin is its transparency. It’s not only undetectable to the touch but also nearly invisible to the naked eye. Our hair systems aren’t just designed to impress others; they can even deceive your own senses. Lightweight, breathable, and temporary, our hair systems offer you total freedom, allowing you to embrace life with the confidence you deserve, just as if you had your natural hair!

Bionic Hairline

The front hairline of each AirActive Skin hair system is specifically designed to imitate a natural hairline.

With our AirActive Skin hair system we can give the appearance that your hair is gradually returning to its former density and hairline. We will simply give you a little bit more hair every time you get a new hair system. In this way, we achieve the natural look that other hair loss solutions lack. By implementing thinner hairs randomly at the front of the system we create a hairline that perfectly imitates natural growth. Thanks to this and the invisible AirActive Skin our hair system is impossible to detect.

Because our Bionic Hairline looks so natural there are no limits to your hairstyle. You can sweep it back or to the side, wear it on top or long and wavy – it really is up to you!

High Quality Hair

We have three ways to guarantee that the hair of the AirActive Skin hair system keeps its natural and healthy look.

1) When it comes to selecting the hair we use for our systems, we have the highest quality standards for which we are internationally renowned.

2) We change your system on a regular basis in order to ensure that your hair always looks perfect.

3) We offer our own range of custom-made shampoos and conditioners that will keep your hair looking its best.