HAIR REVISITED offers Total Cover Plus as our unique and revolutionary hair system which is undetectable and the latest in hair loss solutions. It consists of human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin. We then gently bond this artificial skin with the implanted hair onto your scalp. The whole procedure is pain free, non-surgical and takes less than 2 hours.

The hair system is designed to perfectly suit you and not vice versa! You don’t have to change a single aspect of your daily life because the hair system adapts to you. You can be confident and relaxed, whether it be in the shower, at the gym, outdoors or in the bedroom. The hair system becomes one with you, it becomes your hair.


AirActive Skin®

At the heart of our hair system is the brilliant artificial skin. It is unique and not produced by any other company. The bioengineered AirActive Skin is designed to imitate the epidermis, the top layer of the human skin. At an incredible 0.03mm it is micro thin and just as elastic and breathable as the epidermis. This allows the system to breath and sweat with you while sitting on your scalp. You don’t get hot. You don’t get itchy. You can’t even feel it is there.

The artificial skin is so thin and light that it doesn’t change your sensations at all and you’re able to feel the touch of fingers on your scalp. Another unique feature of its design is the transparent clearness of the skin. This means that it’s not only impossible to feel the system, it’s also completely invisible.

Total Cover Plus’s AirActive Skin will not only fool everybody else, it will even fool you! Like a contact lens, it is light, breathable and temporary. Total Cover Plus’s hair system gives you total freedom, just as if you had natural hair!

Bionic Hairline

The front hairline of each AirActive Skin hair system is specifically designed to imitate a natural hairline.

With our AirActive Skin hair system we can give the appearance that your hair is gradually returning to its former density and hairline. We will simply give you a little bit more hair every time you get a new hair system. In this way, we achieve the natural look that other hair loss solutions lack. By implementing thinner hairs randomly at the front of the system we create a hairline that perfectly imitates natural growth. Thanks to this and the invisible AirActive Skin our hair system is impossible to detect.

Because our Bionic Hairline looks so natural there are no limits to your hairstyle. You can sweep it back or to the side, wear it on top or long and wavy – it really is up to you!

High Quality Hair

We have three ways to guarantee that the hair of the AirActive Skin hair system keeps its natural and healthy look.

1) When it comes to selecting the hair we use for our systems, we have the highest quality standards for which we are internationally renowned.

2) We change your system on a regular basis in order to ensure that your hair always looks perfect.

3) We offer our own range of custom-made shampoos and conditioners that will keep your hair looking its best.