Abi is a teacher and enjoys a very active lifestyle. Since the tender age of 8 Abi has suffered from alopecia, marking her out as different from everybody else and her wonderful, bubbly personality is a testament to her coping abilities. For much of her life she tried to cope with hats and wigs, which limited so much of her personal aspirations in terms of styles, practicality and personal image. Her hair system has done nothing more and nothing less than give her normality, the simple ability to be active, fashionable and relaxed. Normal hair, normal life.


“I’ve suffered all my life. I’ve tried solutions that weren’t me. Now I’m normal, like any other girl. And I have beautiful hair”


Sandra is a hardworking NHS nurse. Her hair loss issues began many years ago when, due to stress, she began to notice her hair was thinning and getting finer and her scalp was beginning to become visible through her hair. She struggled to feel happy both at work and at home as her hair loss issues affected her confidence. By using a Total Cover Plus hair integration system, Sandra got herself back. She now styles her hair exactly as she wants to. It was important for her to be able to control how others see her and with her hair integration system she once again has that power. For years she struggled, but now she no longer has to. She can be happy again, every day.

“People have seen my confidence return. My family and my work colleagues. Plus I look younger and I feel younger. What more could anyone ask for?”

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