Fred is a Sales Professional, so looking sharp and neat is very important to him. He plays rugby and he swims regularly. And what he says is important to him is that he can do what he likes without worrying about detectability and his hair coming away. He doesn’t have to mess around when he styles his hair each morning. Some days he gels his hair to look cooler, some days he doesn’t. But he always looks great and that’s his favourite part.

“I get up I wash my hair and I go out. Simple.
I look great
and feel great. Job done.”


John is a student at university studying for a business degree. But as a young guy he likes to party and go clubbing when he gets the chance. He loves the fact that his hair system is undetectable, super light-weight and breathes with his own skin. So whether he’s in a stuffy lecture theatre or a steaming night club, he can carry on safe in the knowledge that his hair will stay as it was when he went in – cool and stylish in every sense of the word. As you can see from his pictures he pushes the styles and cuts he chooses to their very edge, because he can.

“I’m too young not to have hair. Losing my hair knocked my confidence, I can tell you. This has changed my life. Really.”


James is a businessman who doesn’t have time to worry about his hair. Often on the road and in the air, he needs to look sharp and professional. But come the weekend he wants to relax with his family and young children. So his hair system must do exactly what he wants to tie in with his busy days. From jumping out of the shower to running across a hot airport, James just demands one thing. He can forget about everything and know his hair will never let him down.


Image is very important to me. I am the face of my business. And now I look exactly like I want to. Fantastic””


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