About our hair system

We set out to create a hair system that looks and that feels like your own hair. This is the only way it can allow a person with hair loss issues to live normally with hair again. We redesigned the concept of hair systems from scratch, with only tested products, NO harmful side effects, and the highest quality hair available. A breathable artificial base skin so thin that it virtually becomes one with you. Materials so fine that they can’t be felt.

The unique Total Cover Plus hair system is made from a breathable, micro-thin artificial skin (0.03mm), in which we have implanted the highest grade of human hair. The system is gently bonded to the bald area of the scalp for up to 7 weeks, then cut and styled exactly the way you want. The front hairline is invisible.

The artificial AirActive ContactSkin® is the base of our hair system. It is unique and not produced by any other company. The bioengineered AirActive ContactSkin® is designed to imitate the epidermis, the top layer of the human skin. At an incredible 0.03mm it is micro-thin and just as elastic as real skin. This allows the hair system to breathe and become one with you. Each hair looks as if it has grown out of the artificial skin and it gives you the effortless look of your own natural hair.

You live with it as if it was your own hair (which it now is). You can sleep, shower and play sports in it and we can give you virtually any hair style you like. Our product is unique because it requires no painful surgery, toupees or wigs, drugs or lotions, and it has no side effects.

The featherlight AirActive ContactSkin® based system is the world’s most advanced hair replacement product. It is the latest and the best in non-surgical hair loss treatment. It’s easy to use, completely affordable and used by thousands of delighted customers across the UK and Europe. In cooperation with the best stylists, HAIR REVISITED with Total Cover Plus brings a new hair replacement method to Essex.


Total Cover Plus is a hair loss company, but the name stands for so much more. It is not about covering the balding area with “some” product. It stands for how we want hair replacement to be. It is about creating the best product and the best experience possible to help you achieve a full head of hair. That’s why HAIR REVISITED using Total Cover Plus is an holistic approach to hair loss solutions and hair systems that is built on the principles of quality, service, transparency, integrity, sustainability, and affordability.

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