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Around 50% of hair loss sufferers start losing their hair in their early 20s, a time when most people feel much too young to go bald. Hair loss can be devastating. Whether it is male pattern baldness, alopecia totalis, thinning hair in general or hair loss after cancer treatment – these conditions can make the sufferer feel uncomfortable and less confident.

Many young men and women struggle with the fact that they are losing their hair. They may try a wide range of supposed solutions, such as hair fibres, hair transplants, laser therapy, medication and many other things. To their surprise and disappointment, these options usually do not achieve a full head of hair, which leaves them feeling even more dejected. Toupees and wigs do provide a full head of hair but do not look natural or genuine and are often quite hot and uncomfortable.

Most hair loss sufferers are willing to try almost anything in their quest for the perfect solution and this hope is being abused by many companies on the market.

How we can help

We want to change this and offer complete transparency to ensure that customers can fully understand all positive and negative sides of every hair loss solution that is available on the market. This works because we share our knowledge. As a customer, it is important that you can make informed decisions to choose what is best for you. The facts speak for themselves; HAIR REVISITED acknowledges that Total Cover Plus hair systems are the best.

Total Cover Plus was founded by hair loss sufferers for hair loss sufferers. We were fed up with the behavior of so many companies; ‘solutions’ that didn’t work, horrible side effects and painful surgery. It was expensive and futile, so we decided to take a new approach.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we have created an honest revolution in the hair replacement sector. We have a technologically advanced hair system that is specifically designed to suit your life and to give you a full head of real hair.

Non surgical hair replacement for men and women

Why you should choose Hair Revisted

Hair Revisited recommends Total Cover Plus as an affordable and convenient solution for men and women suffering from hair loss.

We want to stand out as the best option. Unlike other companies, we will never ask you to sign a contract that commits you. Only if you actively choose to return to us as a customer, will we know that we have done a great job and you are happy. Hair replacement is about happiness and it is important that you come to us because you love what we do. We want you to experience the same positive effect that the founders of Total Cover Plus and thousands of customers experience every day.

In order to find out whether Hair Revisited can recommend Total Cover Plus hair system as the right solution for you, contact us today to book a free consultation. We will explain exactly how it works and find out what we can do for you. You can call the customer service line on 01702 353238 and ask any questions you may have. We also provide advice via email through our contact page and will answer all your questions to make sure you understand the ins and outs of hair loss and hair replacement. This way you can obtain all the facts and make informed decisions.

Hair Restoration Salon Southend EssexHair Revisited, with the help of Total Cover Plus can recreate nature through technology with hair systems that imitate the natural hair growth perfectly. Even professionals in the hair industry can’t tell the difference and this is the reassurance that you need when going for hair replacement.

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